Questions about

Q.What time is the final registration deadline?
A.Registration will close at 23:00 on May 15th (Mon.).
*In the event of being late for various reasons, please make sure to contact the Office.
Q.I’d like to correct mistakes I made in the registration.
A.Basically, changes cannot be made to the submitted registration. Please make sure to prepare your items prior to filling in the application form.
Q. Is the “date of completion” the day when the construction is completed or the space opened?
A.The day when the space actually started operating.
Q.My project is structurally hard to explain using a floor plan. Can I submit an elevation, instead of a floor plan?
A.Either floor plan or elevation can be used as supplement material, as long as the number of materials are within five pieces.
Q.Are the photos to be submitted a single photo per file only, or is it allowed to compile multiple photos into one file?
A.As long as the file meets our size specification, multiple photos can be compiled into one file.
Q.Can I add text to my photos?
A.Adding and processing text in the project photos are prohibited. However, adding titles and captions that do not interfere with the project are allowed.
Q.The photos are supposed to be “in jpeg, png, or other bitmap format, up to 1000px on the longest side in either portrait or landscape orientation.” Are photos in different ratios acceptable, such as 800px X 300px?
A.No problem.
Q.Are the images in the five files supposed to be photos only? Can I also include text describing concepts, zoning, etc.?
A.The five files can be flexibly used. It is up to the applicant to determine what can properly represent the work, such as drawings, concepts, etc.

Questions about

Q.When making a bank transfer, under which name (applicant or company) should the payment be made?
A.Either name is OK. Please put your application ID in front of the payer name when transferring funds.
Q.When a company or a person register for multiple awards, can the payments be combined?
A.Yes. However, notify the Office which application IDs will be transferred together in advance.
Q.Would you accept payment transferred on the day after the payment deadline?
A.No. Please make your payment by the deadline of May 16th (Tue.).