Create new values of spatial design in Japan and contribute to the world

with the trend of the times, spatial design has not only been contributing to the design of show window displays but also has expanded its role in the field of urban space design. Today, there are demands to incorporate spatial design on higher scales such as in high-dimensional communication design and hospitality design. At the same time, modes of spatial expression and design goals have diversified, which has affected the way of media, virtual representation and actual making process are involved.

For the spatial design community to continue to evolve under the ever-changing demands(expectations), it is important to across the boundary of traditional discipline to inspire each other and to discover new values.KUKAN DESIGN AWARD has been established to promote and inspire interactions of creators in various spatial design fields.

In 2019, DSA and JCD will consolidate two awards and create a new award, “KUKAN DESIGN AWARD”.
DSA, established in 1966, and JCD, established in 1974, had been the hosts of their own awards for more than half a century.
We believe the consolidation of the two awards will make the Japanese spatial design entity much influential.We hope KUKAN DESIGN AWARD will contribute to explore the possibilities of spatial design more than ever.