Judges for the 3rd and Final Rounds

Creators, experts, media and critics that represent the design world of Japan serve as the judges.
Presidents of the DSA and JCD serve as the chairman and vice chairman of the award committee.

Special judges (in random order and titles omitted)


    Professor Emeritus Nagaoka Zokei University

    Born in Tokyo in 1933. After graduating from the Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University, he worked for Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. before becoming a professor at Tokyo Zokei University in 1979, president of Tokyo Zokei University in 1984, and president and chancellor of Nagaoka University of Art and Design from 1994 to 2014. he received the Katsumi Masaru Award from JIDA in 1997, the Design Merit Award from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 1999, and the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon in 2009. He has served as an officer of many other academic societies and associations. Currently, he is a professor emeritus at Tokyo Zokei University and Nagaoka University of Art and Design, as well as an advisor to the Mountain Life Revitalization Organization, where he focuses on solving regional issues.

  • Asao TOKOLO


    1969年東京都生まれ。幼少時より建築を学び、江頭慎に師事。2001年9月11日より「繋げる事」をテーマに紋様の 制作を始め、美術、建築、デザインの境界領域で活動を続ける。単純な幾何学原理に基づ いて定規やコンパスで再現可能な紋と紋様の制作や、同様の原理を応用した立体物の設計・制作も行っている。主な作品に、大名古屋ビルヂング下層部ファ サードガラスパターン、東京 2020 オリンピック・パラリンピックエンブレム、大手町パークビルディングのための屋外彫刻作品などがある。2016年~東京大学工学部非常勤講師。2018年~東京大学教養学部非常勤講師。

  • Seiichi SAITO

    Panoramatiks Director

    Born in Kanagawa in 1975, Mr. Saito began his career in New York in 2000 after graduating from Columbia University with a Master of Science degree in Advanced Architectural Design (MSAAD). Since then, he has been active in creative work at the ArnellGroup, and returned to Japan upon being selected for the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial 2003. He produces works in the commercial art field which are three-dimensional and interactive while also being based on the firm grounding in logical thought that he cultivated through architecture. Mr. Saito has won numerous international awards since 2009. Launched Rhizomatiks Co.,Ltd. in 2006. Since 2016, he serves as director of Rhizomatiks Architecture. Vice Chairman of Good Design Award 2018–21. Creative Adviser of 2020 Dubai Expo Japan pavilion. An expert for the Peoples’s Living Lab Promotion Council for Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan.

  • Manabu CHIBA

    Professor at the Graduate School of Engineering of the University of Tokyo / Architect

    Manabu CHIBA was born in 1960 in Tokyo. He worked at NIHON SEKKEI and before establishing Chiba Manabu Architects in 2001. He set up his own laboratory at the University of Tokyo in 2001 and has been a professor at the Graduate School of Engineering of the University of Tokyo since 2013. His laboratory focuses on researching architectural and urban spaces as well as engaging in practice, as in the case of the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Project. His laboratory produces versatile talents for various fields. Awards he received include the Architectural Institute of Japan Award for “Japan Guide Dog Center” and the Togo Murano Award for “The Kogakuin University 125th Memorial Education Center.”
    ※Photo: Wu Chia-Jung


    Architectural History & Architectural Critic / Professor of Tohoku University

    He has served as Artistic Director of Aichi Triennale 2013 and Commissioner of the Japanese Pavilion at the 11th Venice Biennale of Architecture. He has supervised exhibitions such as “Impossible Architecture”, “Window Exhibition: A Journey of Art and Architecture through Windows”, and “Revealing Decoration: Rediscovering the Architecture of Nihonbashi”. He was awarded the 64th Art Encouragement Prize for New Artists by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and the 2018 Architectural Institute of Japan Education Award (educational contribution). He is the author of “Architecture in Tokyo” (Misuzu Shobo) and many other books.

  • Naomi YAMAMOTO

    Chief Creative Officer, SHISEIDO CO., LTD.

    After graduating from Musashino Art University in 1987, she joined the SHISEIDO Creative Division and took on roles such as a designer and art director in advertisement production and space design until relocation to New York to further build on her career. Upon returning to Japan in 2004, she took charge of MAQuillAGE and other China brands in succession as Creative Director. In 2015, she was assigned a post of Creative Design Director, and Creative Director & Chief Creative Officer in 2018. She has received awards such as “Power List 2020”, “In-House Agency of the Year 2019”, “Display Design Award, Grand Prix”, “Dentsu Award”, “NYADC Award”, and “D&AD.”

  • Kotaro WATANABE

    Context Designer at Takram, Guest professor at Keio University SFC

    Kotaro aims to turn users into creators, and consumers into artists, through involving people in design activities. His work range from vision setting for organizations, service design to art projects. Past works include FLORIOGRAPHY, a collaborative project of flower and letter-writing with ISSEY MIYAKE, branding of Morioka Shoten, a bookstore that sells a single book at a time, and NIKKEI, the owner of the Financial Times, among others. Graduated from Keio University SFC, Kotaro is also an author of several books, and a radio personality, expanding the boundaries between design, culture and art.

  • Ryu KOSAKA

    Creative Director at NOMURA A.N.D.

    Born in Tokyo in 1960, he graduated from Musashino Art University with a degree in architecture in 1984, and joined Nomura Co. Currently Executive Creative Director of the Creative Center and President of A.N.D. He is also a part-time lecturer at the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo, and has given numerous lectures. He is the first Japanese to win the “Best Bar” award in the bar category of the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2014, a prestigious international award in the UK. He has designed many popular restaurants, hotels, and residences in Japan and abroad, including “W Guangzhou FEI” (Guangzhou, China), which won a total of eight awards and nine titles, including the first Japanese winner of the “Best Bar” award at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2014.

  • Taku SATOH

    Graphic Designer / TSDO Inc. Chairman / Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. President

    Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Design, in 1979, then from its Graduate School in 1981. Satoh’s work includes packaging design (LOTTE XYLITOL Gum, Meiji Oishii gyunyu), logo design (21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa; National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo), poster graphics, as well as on branding and corporate identity (CI) programs. He provides art direction on the educational channel of NHK Television, Nihongo de Asobo, overall direction for Design Ah! on the same channel, and overall direction of 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT. He has planned exhibitions such as water, JOMONESE, Design Anatomy and Design Ah!. His publications include Sosuru Shiko (Shinchosha).

  • Masaki YOKOKAWA

  • Peggy Lui

    Director of Merci Media Corporation, Editor-in-Chief of Merci Magazine, Representative of Sky Design Awards

    Peggy was born in Hong Kong in 1975 and raise up in Belgium and Canada. She established Merci Media Corporation in 2013, interviews curators and designers in the architectural and design industry, included notable entrepreneurs for the lifestyle and design Magazine, and specializes in brands and business strategies for the corporation. She was nominated as Co-Chair of Communication & Events in RDI (Retail Design Institute) Hong Kong Chapter in 2016. In 2019, Sky Design Awards was established.

  • Katsutoshi ISHIBASHI


    Yuko Nagayama & Associates

    Born in 1975. Completed Showa Women’s University in 1998. After working at Jun Aoki & Associates, established Yuko Nagayama & Associates in 2002. Representative works: “Louis Vuitton Kyoto Daimaru”, “a hill on a house”, “ANTEPRIMA”, “Kayaba Coffee”, “SISII”, “Kiya Ryokan”, “Teshima Yokoo House”, “SEIBU SHIBUYA A・B bld. 5th floor”, ”Central Garden - Goddess of The Forest”. Received awards: L’Oreal Encouragement Award, JCD Design Award, AR Award 2006 “a hill on a house”, ARCHITECTURAL RECORD Award, Design Vanguard 2012, JIA Young Architect Award 2014 “Teshima Yokoo House”, Yamanashi Cultural Prize of Architecture 2017, JCD Design Award 2017 Silver Award, Tokyo Architecture Award 2018 Excellent Award ”Central Garden - Goddess of The Forest”etc. Currently working on the Japanese pavilion for Dubai Expo (2021), a high-rise building in Kabukicho, Shinjuku (2022), and Tokyo Torch in Tokiwabashi.
    Photo: Kazumi Kiuchi

Judging Committee Chair

  • Shigeru KUBOTA

    Kubota Architects & Associates Inc. President / Board Chairman JCD

    Born in Tokyo in 1969, Kubota worked for a design firm before going independent in 1999, and established the Kubota Architecture and Urban Research Institute in 2003. In 2003, he established Kubota Architecture and Urban Research Institute, and has been designing a variety of genres and formats, focusing on architecture, interiors, and products. He is also involved in planning, development and production, and proposes the creation of places where people gather and communities are born. His representative works include “The WAREHOUSE” in Kawasaki, general production and space design for “METoA Ginza”, “Mercedes-Benz Connection” in Roppongi, etc., “Imabari Towel Aoyama”, “café 1886 at Bosch”, “UT STORE HARAJUKU. Galaxy Harajuku”, etc.

Judging Vice Chairman

  • Shigechiyo SUZUKI

    NOMURA Co., Ltd. Managing Executive Creative Director / Board Chairman DSA

    Born in 1956. He has been involved in design and art direction for a wide range of commercial facilities, corporate PR facilities, and museums, and has created works with a strong theme. He has received numerous awards, including the Grand Prix and Excellence Award at the Japan Display Design Awards, the Minister of International Trade and Industry Award, and the Good Design Award. Recent representative works include “Otemachi Cafe”, “Masahiko Inoue’s Last Manga Exhibition”, and “Ocha no Kyoto Expo”.

Judges for the 1st and 2nd Rounds

Judges are specialists who are well-versed and experienced in spatial design.

◼️ 二次審査員(28名 JCD14名 / DSA14名)

<Aグループ(JCD4名 / DSA4名)>
JCD /上垣内泰輔武石正宣新宮和行折原美紀
DSA / 佐藤寧子、佐藤史能、渡邉世志治、ヨザン弥江子

<Bグループ(JCD5名 / DSA5名)>
JCD / 飯島直樹村上敦塩見一郎君塚賢笠原英里子
DSA / 吉永光秀、小松一格、小林陽子、森田昭一、湯澤幸子

<Cグループ(JCD5名 / DSA5名)>
JCD / 太細通永井資久萩原剛村松基安森田雅美
DSA / 洪恒夫、春日康志、高橋久弥、武田一浩、平澤太

◼️ 一次審査員(58名 JCD28名 / DSA30名)

<Aグループ(JCD13名 / DSA15名)>
JCD /大原信子内山敬子鹿目久美子はやしまりこ高橋恵原田啓二水谷晶人池貝知子辻村久信
DSA / 南正一郎、佐藤明、高橋新、持木慎子、山崎みどり、菊地泰輔、長谷川喜美、入江陽介、山田竜太、内藤純、佐内実

<Bグループ(JCD15名 / DSA15名)>
JCD / 小泉誠文田昭仁小田秀樹井上愛之夏目知道山本達雄間宮吉彦鳥居佳則中村裕輔山里健市
DSA /矢野吉昭、田村啓宇、中井利明、宇津木悟、加藤剛、半澤強、中郡伸一、角谷修、酒井亨、福田和男

<Cグループ(JCD13名 / DSA15名)>
JCD / 東利恵新藤力家所亮二岩本勝也廣岡周平谷尻誠大塚真司深田勝哉
DSA / 執行昭彦、石河孝浩、石阪太郎、村上智盛、神田篤、橋本由起子、惣谷宣弘、芦田光代、安藤誠一郎、栗田融