Japan Kukan Design Award & iF DESIGN AWARD


The Japan Kukan Design Award and Germany's iF Design Award have continued their partnership agreement this year. Through cooperation of the two awards under this partnership, we will work together to expand the global network and promote the design industry.

the iF

The world’s oldest design award, established in Germany in 1953. This international design competition receives more than 10,000 entries from 60 countries around the world. The nine disciplines for entries are: Product Design, Communication Design, Packaging Design, Service Design, Architecture, Interior Architecture, Professional Concept, UX, and UI.

Benefits to Japan Kukan Design Award 2024

Shortlist winners when applying for the iF Design Award 2025 are expempted from the iF Design Award 2025 registration fee (€250-450 tbc)

● iF Design Award 2025 Registration Period: From early May to early November 2024 (tbc). To take advantage of the award cooperation benefits, the registration must be completed by the regular deadline (Sep. 27 2024 tbc).
● The categories that Japan Kukan Design Award 2024 Shortlist winners can apply for the benefits are either "4.0 Interior Architecture" or "7.0 Architecture".

The iF Design Award 2025 Online Preselection (digital judging) will be waived, and upon completion of the registration, you will be regarded as a finalist for the iF Design Award 2025 and will proceed directly to the Final Jury to be held in Germany in Feb. 2025 (tbc).

● The finalists of the iF Design Award 2025 will be charged a Final Jury fee (€300 tbc).
● The winner of the iF Design Award 2025 (to be announced after the Final Jury) will be charged a Winner's Fee of €2,500 (tbc) in the categories "4.0 Interior Architecture" and "7.0 Architecture".
● IMPORTANT : The above Final Jury fee and the Winner’s Fee are mandatory for all the finalists and for all the award winners respectively, and cannot be withdrawn or cancelled.

Please note.
Dates and Registration/Final Jury/Winner’s fees for the iF Design Award 2024 are subject to change and more information will be provided after May.

Ranking point system

The iF Design Award has a ranking point system. 5 points are awarded to a finalist, 20 points to a winner, and 100 points to a Gold winner. These points will be the basis for calculating the iF Design ranking. (Details of the points will be provided by iF after the collaborative applicants have been selected.) All winners will be listed on ifdesign.com with detailed information.


How to apply for the iF Design Award 2025

Please register for each entry online.
The following information needs to be provided.
Basics Entry name, descipline/category, entry type, tags
Media images, PDF, URL, etc.
Description Design statement of the project and statement of the 5 criteria (max. 650 characters each)
Details Detailed information about the entry, including target group, market region, project development time, retail price and dimensions, etc.
Credits Information about the designer, client/manufacturer, etc.

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