Seminar to learn more about the iF Design Award

Starting in 2021, the KUKAN DESIGN AWARD has concluded a partnership agreement with the iF Design Award of Germany. We will be holding a webinar to introduce the iF Design Award and the benefits of applying for the iF Design Award 2022 to the KUKAN DESIGN AWARD 2021 Shortlist winners.

The guest speakers will be experienced judges and past Gold Award winners who will talk about their experiences with the iF Design Award, making it a fun and interesting way to hear about the state of design awards overseas. We hope that many of you will be able to listen to this program.

■Date: Friday, September 3, 2021, 18:00-19:30, about 90 minutes
■Delivery Format: Webinar (ZOOM) Free

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■Seminar structure: 4 parts
Moderator: Ms. Nobuko Ohara (Nakasa & Partners)
Part 1: Panelist: Mr. Shigeru Kubota, President, JCD (Kubota Architects &
・Introduction of the iF Design Award and the background and purpose of the collaboration with the KUKAN DESIGN AWARD
Part 2: Panelist: Mr. Keiji Ashizawa (Keiji Ashizawa Design Co., Ltd.)
・World Space Design from the Viewpoint of a Former iF Design Award Jury Member
Part 3: Panelists: Mr. Keisuke Hori (Shiseido/DSA member), Mr. Takumi Takahashi (Hakuen)
・iF Design Award Gold Prize winners talk about their application experience and the award ceremony in Germany
Part 4: Panelist: Akiyo Takada (iF Japan Office) & Uwe Cremering(CEO,iF International Forum Design/Appearance by video letter from the German headquarters)
・Explanation of the collaboration benefits and iF Design Award 2022 application procedures and schedule

■Organizer: KUKAN DESIGN AWARD Secretariat
■In cooperation with: Japan Design Space Association (DSA) / Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association (JCD) / iF Japan Office
■More information:
Japan Design Space Association (DSA), KUKAN DESIGN AWARD Secretariat /
Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association (JCD), KUKAN DESIGN AWARD Secretariat /