Japan Kukan Design Award partners with iF DESIGN AWARD

The Japan Kukan Design Award is now partnering with Germany’s iF Design Award. Through cooperation of the two awards under this partnership, we will work together to expand the global network and promote the design industry.

The iF Design Award is the world’s oldest design award, established in Germany in 1953. This international design competition receives more than 10,000 entries from 60 countries around the world. The nine disciplines for entries are: Product Design, Communication Design, Packaging Design, Service Design/UX, Architecture, Interior Architecture, Professional Concept, UX, and UI. To commemorate the collaboration between the two awards, we offer a benefit for Japan Kukan Design Award 2021 Shortlist winners when applying for the iF Design Award 2022.

●Benefit to Japan Kukan Design Award 2021 Shortlist winners when applying for the iF Design Award 2022

  1. Exemption from the iF Design Award 2022 registration fee (250-450 Euro)iF Design Award 2022 application period
    April 15, 2021 to end of November or early December, 2021 (tentative)The Japan Kukan Design Award 2021 Shortlist winners may exert a benefit by applying for either Discipline 4.0 Interior Architecture or Discipline 7.0 Architecture
  2. Exemption from the iF Design Award 2022 online preselection (digital screening), and registration as an iF Design Award finalist upon completion of the application.A jury fee for the final round (amount undetermined) will be charged for the iF Design Award finalists.The iF Design Award winner (to be announced after the final round) will be charged a winner’s fee (amount undetermined). Please refer to the iF Design Award 2022 application guide for details.
  3. The iF Design Award has a ranking point system, in which finalists earn five points, award winners earn 20 points, and gold award winners earn 100 points. The earned points are published in the iF World Design Guide. The points are counted for a 5-year period. Published winners will get additional exposure in the iF WORLD DESIGN INDEX, a new platform with detailed information on industries, regions and countries.
▲左:iF Design Award CEOラルフ・ウィーグマン, 中央:DSA会長 鈴木恵千代,右:JCD理事長 窪田茂 契約締結時写真

▲ iF Design Award CEO, Ralph Wiegmann (left), Shigechiyo Suzuki, Chairperson of Japan Design Space Association (middle), and Shigeru Kubota, President of Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association (right) at the time of signing the partnership agreement.