KUKAN DESIGN AWARD 2022 Shortlist has been decided.

We are pleased to announce that the Shortlist (135 entries) has been selected from the Longlist (325 entries) through a rigorous second screening.
Gold, Silver, and Bronze Prizes will be awarded in the third round of judging on 27 August, and the Grand Prix, KUKAN OF THE YEAR 2022, will be selected from among the Gold Prizes.

Shortlist (135 entries)Published hear.

<Future schedule>

August.25: Third and final round of judging (Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Sustainable Space Prizes will be awarded)
October.21 : Award ceremony and announcement of KUKAN OF THE YEAR 2022

Shortlist winners will have the opportunity to apply for the German design award “iF DESIGN AWARD 2023”.

iF Design Award 2023 Entry Registration fees are waived, as well as the iF Design Award pre-selection, which allows you to participate in the iF Design Award final jury as a finalist. In last year’s partnership, 48 of the 114 Shortlist winners of the Japan Spatial Design Award 2021 applied for the iF Design Award 2022 using this benefit, of which around 90% (43) became iF Design Award 2022 winners, and a further Of these, the following two entries were awarded iF Gold.

Privileges for the KUKAN DESIGN AWARD 2022 Shortlist winners when applying for the iF DESIGN AWARD 2023

  1. iF Design Award 2023 The application registration fee (EUR 250-450) is waived.
  2. iF Design Award 2023 The normal entry period is from 13 May 2022 to 10 November 2022, but to take advantage of this entry benefit, the application must be completed by 13 October 2022.
  3. The categories in which Japan Spatial Design Award 2022 Shortlist winners can apply for the award are either ‘4.0 Interior Architecture’ or ‘7.0 Architecture’.
  4. They are exempt from the online pre-selection (digital judging) of the iF Design Award 2023 and are recognised as iF Design Award Finalists upon completion of the entry registration.
  5. iF Design Award finalists are subject to a final jury fee (EUR 200).
  6. iF Design Award winners (announced after the final jury) will be charged a winner’s fee (4.0 and 7.0 fields: EUR 1,800).
  7. The above-mentioned final jury fee and winner’s fee are mandatory and cannot be cancelled once registration has been completed.
  8. The iF Design Award has a ranking point system: 5 points are awarded to finalists, 20 points to winners and 100 points to gold winners. These points form the basis for calculating the iF ranking. All award winners are listed on ( ) with detailed information on their industry, region and country.
  9. After the iF DESIGN AWARD final judging, a feedback sheet on the judging will be provided regardless of whether you have passed or failed.

For more information, visit the iFDESIGN AWARD 2023 entry website.

Please keep an eye on the KUKAN DESIGN AWARD 2022.
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