KUKAN DESIGN AWARD 2022 Prizes Concluded

The third and final round of judging for KUKAN DESIGN AWARD 2022 was held at Nomura Hall in NOMURA Co.,Ltd. on Saturday, August 27, and all the awards were decided after a solemn screening process. The Grand Prix winner, KUKAN OF THE YEAR 2022, will be announced at the award ceremony on October 21 (Fri.). The award ceremony will also be broadcasted on Facebook Live, so please come and watch.

→Scenes from the third round of judging
→Preliminary version of the Sustainable Space of the Year
→Preliminary version of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards
→Preliminary version of KUKAN DESIGN AWARD 2022 Shortlist
→Preliminary version of KUKAN DESIGN AWARD 2022 Longlist