「Annual of Spatial Design in Japan 2022 Displays, Signs & Commercial Spaces」Mid-February 2022 release

What kind of spatial design is required in the age of SDGS?
This is the 49th edition of the “Yearbook of Japanese Spatial Design,” which was first published in 1973 to provide a comprehensive overview of the outstanding spatial designs of the past year.
It consists of two awards: KUKAN DESIGN AWARD, which was established by combining the awards of the DSA (Japan Design Space Association) and the JCD (Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association), and the JAPAN SIGN DESIGN AWARD by the SDA (Japan Sign Design Association).
The 264 domestic and international works that were rigorously selected for the two competitions are introduced with rich illustrations and texts, providing a visual content that enables readers to decipher the spatial design that has developed over the past year. It is a unique yearbook of spatial design that includes a wide range of spatial designs in various fields, such as exhibitions, commercial spaces, show windows, offices, living spaces, and signs.

Special Contribution
Special Report: “Learning from Gorillas about the Spaces in which Humans Are Involved” by Juichi Yamagiwa (Primate Studies, Anthropologist)
Special Feature
Special Feature: “People, Places, Books, and Experiences that Have Influenced Us” by 15 Winners
Document of the Third and Final Judging of KUKAN DESIGN AWARD
Interviews with SDA Grand Prize Winners”, etc.
Published works: 264 pieces (114 pieces of KUKAN DESIGN AWARD, 150 pieces of Japan Sign Design Award)
Editing: Spatial Design Organization, Yearbook of Japanese Spatial Design Publication Committee
Format: A4 size (297 x 215 mm), bound in paper, 408 pages, all in color, approx. 1,000 illustrations

Price: 27,500 yen (25,000 yen + 10% tax)
ISBN978-4-8151-0014-8 C3052

Editing: Spatial Design Organization, Yearbook of Spatial Design in Japan Publication Committee
Book design: Takuma Hayashi Design Office
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