2022 winners / winning works


03Entertainment & Creative/ Art space


Opera Super Angels

Author / company Creative Art Direction (Set, Costume, Lighting Design and Video Direction) :HARIU SHIZUKA / SHSH Architecture + Scenography

Completion Date / Period : 2021-08-21

Direction : Supervisor of Stage Direction: OGAWA Eriko / The New National Theatre, Tokyo (NNTT)

Produce : ONO Kazushi / The New National Theatre, Tokyo (NNTT)

Other : SHIBUYA Keiichiro / ATAK

Other : SHIMADA Masahiko

Visual Design : WEiRDCORE / WEiRDCORE

Structural Design : Shigeo Agehara / Structural NET

Construction : OYAMA KOUSAKUJYO,TOHO STAGE CRAFT, Showtex Hongkong

Client : Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, and Japan Arts Council, The New National Theatre

Photographer : Takashi Shikama