Use of the Japan Space Design Awards symbol mark and logotypes for each award

In order for the award winners to use the Japan Space Design Award symbol mark and each award logo type widely, we have decided to allow the symbol mark and each award logo type to be used freely in all media on a perpetual basis by granting permission (for a fee).

<Award Logo Usage Application Form>

Japanese version

English version

<Download Procedure>
1、Click on the award logo usage application form URL, fill in the required fields, and complete the payment procedure.
2、Download password issued (will be sent by e-mail)
※Credit card holders will receive the URL and password immediately by e-mail.
※Bank transfer customers will receive the URL and password by e-mail after payment is confirmed.
3. Go to the download site from the URL you obtained and enter your password.
4. Download “Symbol Mark/Logotype,” “Award Logo Rules,” and “Japan Space Design Award Design Manual” from the download site.

The symbol mark can be used by all award winners, but only the logotype of the award you have received can be used.

Those who download the logotypes must agree to the “Award Logo Regulations,” and must comply with the “Japan Space Design Award Design Manual” before using the logotypes.
The “Award Logo Regulations” and “Japan Spatial Design Award Design Manual” can be downloaded from the Award Logo Download Page.

<About the Symbol Mark Design
The symbol mark of the Japan Spatial Design Award was designed by Kazunari Kitagawa/GRAPH at the time of its founding in 2019 and is widely known in various design media.

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